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Heaters for Marquees and Temporary Buildings

Our range of thermostatically controlled heaters provide total climate control.

Most commonly our portable oil fuelled heaters are placed outside the marquee/structure to ensure gases are vented through the chimney into the atmosphere so that clean air is ducted directly into the marquee.

The heaters are thermostatically controlled to provide total heat control for your event, creating the right atmosphere to ensure your guests are comfortable.

In warmer periods the heaters can be switched to fan only (no heat), enabling fresh air to circulate throughout the marquee.
As we all know with the British climate evening temperatures can be chilly.

Our heaters can be switched back to heated air giving you total control of your event.

Heaters for Marquees

Our heaters for marquees are perfect for weddings and exhibitions, held throughout the year, as you can take total control enabling you to regulate the temperature for your event.

Heating for Temporary Structures/Buildings

Temporary office buildings or temporary structures used for concerts, festivals and exhibitions. Our thermostatically controlled heaters will provide a comfortable temperature to each.

Heating for Leisure Centres/Halls

Our portable heaters will regulate temperature for sporting events, corporate events, fashion shows or concerts in leisure centres or town halls.

Warehouse Heating Solutions

Industrial heating systems for warehouses, often used by television and film production companies as sets. Keep the whole crew warm with our portable heaters.

Heaters for marquees Oxfordshire

What is a Thermostatically Controlled Heater?

Like a home heating system our thermostatically controlled heaters respond to temperature change within the environment they are placed. Thus enabling the heaters to keep you at the right temperature, save energy, so they are not over supplying heated air into a room that is already at an optimum temperature.